BIG SHOES has the craziest fans on earth and they love to send us videos - unfortunately they're better "fans" than "videographers"...but we post them anyway lol ;) There's not too much polished-up video, but definitely some fun stuff captured from live shows. 

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BIG SHOES plays regionally (southern half of WI and North-Northeastern IL). When you see us coming near you - that may be the only show in your area. Get your group together early, book the babysitter NOW & start drawing straws for a designated driver!
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BIG SHOES encourages fans to take pictures, post pictures and email pictures. Click below to view our online photo album of fan shots.


BIG SHOES - Wisconsin's live music party cover band...coming to a club, festival or event near you.

If you grew up in the 80's or 90's, refused to grow up in the 00's, and currently ditch "real life" to party with a live band whenever you can, BIG SHOES is Wisconsin's live music fan's best known secret.

BIG SHOES is a tasty treat comprised of members of the "The Johnsons" and former front-man of "The Toys." For over a decade "GNO" motivated Toys fans to get-up, get-loud & forget life. For the past 15 years, The Johnsons have rocked the pants off of 80's music fans. BIG SHOES builds on this wealth of experience, stirs the pot a bit, and delivers an experience we all want after a mundane work week.

​Whether you go out for live music every week, every month, or handful of times a year, BIG SHOES is a no-brainer way to have a little adult fun.

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